Sugarcane Stubble Shaver

Length 1050 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1220 mm
Weight 245 kg.
Tractor HP 35 HP & above
PTO RPM of Tractor 540 RPM
  • Stubble Shaver is a Tractor P.T.O Driven Implement used to cut the sugarcane stubble from the ground level.
  • Stubble Shaver cuts all the stubbles uniformly, that is required for uniform growth of sugarcane crop. Also it is improving Germination.
  • Stubble Shaver is equipped with adjustable tines with small ridger which is used to make strong buds.
  • By using Stubble Shaver the yield of the sugarcane crop increases considerably, resulting in extra profits for the farmers.
  • Usage of Stubble Shaver reducing frequency and duration of irrigation , Labour cost. Also it is increasing yield of sugarcane crops.

Special Features :

Heavy duty, high RPM gear box

Self sharpening high quality boron steel blades

User friendly height adjustment mechanism