Corrosion resistance products

Corrosion resistance  products are used to protect components that require high shelf life and protection against corrosion. These have a high VCI chemicals carrying capacity and are useful in protecting components for longer periods and also provide better abrasion resistance Goods wrapped in by Corrosion resistance products  products are not affected by corrosion.

Volatile corrosion inhibitor (vci )

SECURE PACKAGING , a front-runner in anti-corrosive products, is a hi-tech chemical company offering customized packaging solutions and range of safe, eco-friendly & cost effective VCI products, VCI packaging is available in various forms like papers, film, powder, tablets, emitters, foams, oils etc. (Paper/Films are available as: Rolls, Sheets, Bags, Liners, Inserts, Die-cuts, and Pouches etc,

These materials are avalable depent on user requirement size and thick ness

VCI stretch film

VCI film

VCI Cover

VCI Paper


Aluminium barrier foil

Aluminium barrier foils are a perfect combinations to reduce moisture penetration inside the packaging and provide shelf life of upto 15 years. It has extremely low water and oxygen transmission rates . It can be vacuum and heat sealed and the inner layer of the aluminium foil can have VCI protection to protection corrosion of metals .


The World’s Most Advanced Desiccant Technology, with around 300% absorption rates. The key advantage being that unlike traditional Silica Gel, it does not release the moisture so absorbed, back in the container air. Thus, keeping your Container Atmosphere, Moisture Free & 100%_DRY, in the Most Humid Sea-Climates on the HIGH-SEAS., Absorption Capacity i.e. upto 90 Days

We offer wide range of container desiccants in various sizes range from 25 g to 5 kg and types which ever fits the customer needs.

Shipping Container Liners Manufacturer in Chennai

Container thermal liner 

            Thermal Liners are required to protect the goods from adverse weather conditions when being transported from one geographical area to other. Some goods are very sensitive top temperature and may become unfit for use if the desired temperature is not maintained inside the container. Such goods are covered with thermal liners which protect them from temperature variations. Our thermal liners are coated with reflective materials.

Available for

  • 20′ feet Liners with or without floor
  • 40′ feet Liners with or without floor