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Cord strap lashing

Cordstrap Strapping(CC) the latest development in non- metallic shipping strapping technology.

Made from High Tenacity Polyester Filament yarns embedded in a polymer coating

  • used to arrest the cargo from unwanted movements that leads to get damage the cargo
  • safety to the cargo
  •  Composite strapping is often referred to as “synthetic steel”.
  • High Tension Retention
  • No Rusting problem
  • Confirms to OHSAS Regulations
Cord Lashing Manufacturer in Chennai

Cord lash lashing / open flat truck lashing

Shipping Container Cargo Nets Manufacturer in Chennai

Ratchet lashing


  • Re-usable many times over
  • Re-tensionable
  • Break Strengths of 1.5 Tonnes.
  • Ensure Cargo safety
  • Due to easy open and closing system it saves lot of time.
  • No waste generation.
  • One time investment, no recurring cost

Wheel Lashing Belt

  • Application used in Vehicle Transport in container
  • used to  arrest the vehicle Tyre from movement that leads to crash between the vehicles in  container
  • It can arrest the vehicle movement from all the three direction
  • Easy to usable and reusable

Air bag with lashing

Dunnage Bags are inflatable air bags that are used to fill voids, BLOCK AND BRACE the movement of palletized and non-palletized cargo inside export containers, closed vans, trucks etc.

  • air bag is used to arrest the void gap in the container
  • Outer layer is extensible kraft paper, inner core is LLDPE film.
  • An un-inflated Dunnage bag is placed in voids between cargo that not only to fill gaps but also “block and brace” the movement of cargo.
  • Can be inflated in less than one minute, using a simple inflation tool.
Cord Lashing Manufacturer in Chennai

Container net lashing


  • Provide additional safety for you cargo from drop down while opening the doer
  • avoid breakage of cargo
  • capable for Reusing and re-tightable
  • Using ratchet lock we can easily tight the and loosen the container net
Shipping Container Liners Manufacturer in Chennai